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Movement Playground is the new name for the Friday night sessions hosted by Temenos founder FX10K.

The vision is simple - to curate a space that encourages dancers to explore movement in a creative and playful way. It has long been understood that play is a critical process in cognitive development and at Temenos we feel that we do our most productive learning and development when our movement practice is informed by a freedom to experiment and express ourselves in a creative and fun way.

As such we welcome all modes of dance whether informed by CI, break dancing, partner dancing or anything else. It is all welcome in the Movement Playground space.

The core Movement Playground session is on the first Friday of the month and is curated by FX10K. The music policy is broad and can explore everything from classical to hip hop. Nothing is off the table, rather it is about creating a musical score that encourages and celebrates what it means to be a human being with a capacity for (and interest in) movement and dance. In addition the first session of each month will include a post dance community social with pizza, providing dancers with a chance to connect and meet fellow dancers within the community.

On some Friday nights FX10K will invite different DJs and facilitators to curate the music and hold the space for us to move and play together. Each space holder will have their own style so don't expect the same experience every week. We leave it up to our members and attendees to find the sessions that align with what they need.

Temenos strives to be a safe and inclusive space where members open up to whatever arises for them. As such no photography is allowed.

To find out which DJ, teacher or facilitator is hosting a session and to buy tickets visit our Tickets page.

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