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For many of us life is excessively demanding. With people, places and technology vying for our attention we can find ourselves pulled in multiple directions and our mental landscape can become fragmented. As a result we often struggle to feel authentically connected and whole.

In response to this the Temenos Dance Collective launched ‘Deep Space’.

Hosted in a beautiful venue in Maida Vale, Temenos founder Felix Oram & somatic embodiment coach Emily Phillips, offer a sanctuary space for nervous system calibration through a gentle embodiment process and a carefully curated musical score. Emily supports us to soften into our bodies and the present moment, while Felix facilitates the integration of what arises through music and movement.

In these frenetic times, the aim is to provide the Temenos community with a space that provides the resources needed to deepen trust in ourselves while at the same time enhancing a sense of community and belonging. These bespoke sessions are unique as they bring together a combination of embodiment practices, meditation, inner listening and music.

Deep Space was originally offered as part of an 8 week intensive on Monday evenings between 7-9pm at the Amadeus Centre, 50 Shirland Road, W9 2JA.

We also host one-off Deep Space workshops and special events, such as the New Year's Day 2024 event.

Watch this space or drop us a line to find out when the next Deep Space series or events is due to be launched.

Deep Space

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