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Membership of the Temenos Dance Collective is by invitation or through an application supported by two existing members. There are different levels of membership depending on what each member requires and the amount of dancing that they plan on doing. If you're interested in becoming a member just drop us a line.

Basic Membership - £10 per month.
This membership is for those that wish to be part of the community but aren't sure how much dancing they'll be doing. The benefit of this membership is that it offers a guaranteed ticket price of £10 for all regular Temenos events and a 20% discount for workshops and special events.

Annual Temenos Membership - £400 per year.
For those looking to support the Temenos Dance Collective as a patron. This membership entitles members to entry to all Temenos events (both Deep Space and Friday Night Dances) free of charge for an entire year, as well as a significant discount of up to 50% for tickets to workshops and special one off events.

Special 3 Month Membership Deals - £80 for 3 months.

Available from 1st April until the end of June 2024 this 3 month pass entitles you to free dancing at every Friday night session at Temenos.

To select a Membership Plan visit the 'Packages' page.

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