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Phoenix Dance is a collective of movement teachers & facilitators holding a weekly space every Tuesday evening for conscious dance and embodied movement.

Phoenix Dance is an inclusive community of practice for everyBODY - regardless of fitness, ability, stamina, size, age and gender and sexuality. Chairs are placed on the dance floor for those who need more than two legs. You are invited to move as much as your body can and wants to.

Phoenix Dance begins its journey from the ashes of 'A Call To Dance' Tuesdays.

The Phoenix - a unique bird that rises from its own ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle


For over 30 years, movers and shakers across London gathered on Tuesdays at St George's in Tufnell Park to dance together in community with Sue Rickards.


Sue's Tuesday evening sessions, throughout this period, provided a sanctuary to hundreds (if not thousands) of dancers, and supported many of them to go on to become teachers in their own right. Over the years Sue has not simply fostered a dancing community, she has grown and mentored a teaching community. 


So, when Sue decided to put down her Tuesday teaching, many of these teachers and dancers lost more than just a weekly dance, they lost a home and a way of life. In response to this a handful of them gathered to create something to celebrate and re-imagine Tuesdays, taking the decision to call Sue and invite her to become part of the process.


Phoenix Dance is a continuation of those Tuesday dances and the co-creation of something new. Join us and let’s see what emerges…

Tickets to all Phoenix Dance sessions can be purchased from the Tickets page.

Meet the Phoenix Collective

audrey thumbnail.png

Audrey Boss

Open Floor Movement

I remember my first dance on Sue’s dance floor with such joy. It changed my life.  So it feels perfect to be building this new space on such solid foundations…

Audrey has been teaching embodied movement since 2015. As a teacher of Open Floor movement practice, she is passionate about cultivating awareness through the moving body and facilitating spaces that are inclusive and welcoming. Her current focus is on supporting therapists and therapists in training to resource themselves in movement and bring more embodied awareness into therapeutic spaces. 

Her favourite part of this dream job? Getting to put together playlists and calling it work.


Sue Rickards

5 Rhythms & Open Floor Movement

Sue is a book reading, dog loving, wild swimming, clay

squashing, word smithing, wool knitting, day dreaming human being residing in North London. 

She has been holding and facilitating weekly 5Rhythms and Open Floor classes in London for over thirty years, in addition to workshops both in the UK and overseas. 

One of Sue's many gifts is for supporting people to feel safe, welcome and to go deep into their process.


Her passion for conscious dance began in 1990. After initially training as a Drama and Movement Therapist, she went on to train with the late Gabrielle Roth and qualified as a certified 5Rhythms teacher in 1994.

Sue was a founding member of Open Floor International in 2014 and is a member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA)


Mira Schauble

Open Floor Movement

Mira danced before she could walk. Her parents met on a dance floor, as did her grandparents. So she  comes from a long line of wild and furious dancers and is passionate about supporting people to return to their dance and bodies as a life line, a soul calling and ancestral bone shaking.

She is a registered Dance Movement psychotherapist, a UKCP-registered Integrative Psychotherapist and a qualified  Open Floor Dance teacher. She also holds a Yoga Allieance teacher qualification.

Mira brings over 35 years’ of dance training/teaching and 44 years of dance experience to her sessions.

Felix Oram selfie_edited.png

Felix Oram

Conscious Dance Facilitator

Felix started DJing when he was 16 and

worked professionally in the music industry for over a

decade. In 2013, he discovered the 5Rhythms with Sue Rickards

and he has been dancing on 'conscious' dance floors ever since.

In 2023, he combined his passion for music and DJing with his love of movement practices to set up the Temenos Dance Collective, the UK's first multi-disciplinary conscious movement collective.


Felix's versatility as a space holder and DJ means he is as comfortable curating the soundtrack for a Contact Improvisation jam as he is delivering a DJ set for an Ecstatic Dance.


His classes for the Phoenix Dance Collective will be less about DJing and focus more on somatic connection and exploration. 

The Venue

Phoenix Dances will be held at St Mary’s Primrose Hill between 7.30pm and 9.15pm.

It is a beautiful church with easy access.

Nearest tubes: Chalk Farm & Swiss Cottage




Pre-pay for a month in advance and dance for just £10 a week. Only 10 Supporter Tickets available each month.

If you have enough to be generous then this makes it possible to offer sponsored rates to those who have less.



What we need to make a living.


If you are struggling financially and need to dance.

For tickets to all Phoenix Dance sessions visit the Tickets page.

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